Cendekia Bitara Awards 

International Grant Category

Cendekia Bitara Award

  •  This award will be given to an international grant receiver in the year of evaluation.

  • The International Grant recieved must be no less than RM50,000.00 per grant in the year of evaluation.

  • Value of this award is as follows
Value of International Grant Prize / Value
RM 50,000.00 – RM100,000.00 RM1,000.00
RM100,000.00 – RM200,000.00  RM2,000.00
RM200,001.00 – RM500,000.00 RM3,000.00
RM500,001.00 – RM1 million RM4,000.00
More than RM 1 million RM5,000.00
  • The maximum prize for this award is RM8,000.00 for each application regardless the number of grants.

  • Only researchers in the service of UMP will receive the award. If there is an internal and external co-researchers in the same project, value of the amount
    will be divided based the number of co-researchers involved. However, only UMP staff/fellows will receive their respective allotted award

  • No limit and no Merit Prize for this category.